All of us at Classic Homes extend our sympathy, along with our thoughts and prayers, to those affected by the recent fires. This tragedy has impacted all of our citizens, directly or indirectly.
For those of you who have lost your home or incurred significant damage to your home, these are times which are dramatically impactful. We at Classic understand how significant your loss is felt.

It is a difficult and painful process that you are about to embark upon. Classic would like to offer our assistance. We have experts in the areas of insurance negotiations, purchasing and estimating, design and decorating and construction. Over the last 20 years it has been our privilege to provide and stand behind in excess of 10,000 homes within our community. We truly believe we can provide you significant value in navigating through the tough times ahead. Our commitment to you is that we will provide you the customer focus and support you deserve and for which we are well known.

Candidly, we debated writing this letter for fear of being seen as self serving and opportunistic. But not writing this letter felt worse. In the days ahead there will be many people and companies flocking to Colorado Springs for the sole reason of seeking benefit from our community disaster. It happens after every disaster, whether a significant hail storm, a hurricane or a tornado. Some, if not many, of these companies, will set foot in Colorado Springs for the sole purpose of making a quick dollar and then they will be off to chase the next opportunity.

In contrast to that situation, we extend our support in these times because we care passionately about this community, our citizens and the construction of homes and neighborhoods. As such, we will commit $5,000 per reconstructed home into an existing non-profit foundation for the sole benefit of rebuilding the affected neighbor- hoods in Colorado Springs. We are and will continue to be the industry standard bearer in the areas of quality, customer satisfaction and post closing service. We have been here for the last two decades, we are here today, and we will be here into the future.

We offer to meet with any of you, at no obligation, to answer questions, review your situation and offer our thoughts and assistance. If Classic can add value, make your process smoother and help you rebuild your dream we would love that opportunity. Regardless of whether you determine to utilize our services, we at Classic encourage you to utilize the services of a local, credible company.

Classic Homes has established a process exclusively to work with the people who have suffered loss and need our assistance. If you know someone whose home is lost or damaged, or who has questions regarding insurance claims or other home related matters, please contact our dedicated Rebuild Assistance Team.

Phone:  719-785-3259
Email:  [email protected]

The Entire Classic Homes Team